Social Responsibility

Our sustainability policy focuses on our responsibility to the environment and to those who come after us. Sustainability is a growing science that balances current needs with those of future generations.

Our companies take comprehensive steps to support human rights and prevent child and forced labor, in line with the respective legal statutes. Group management guidelines strictly prohibit discrimination for reasons of race, origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation or political beliefs, and this policy is implemented as a matter of course.

We also regard being a good neighbor as a matter of importance and therefore actively seek the assumption of social responsibility at our business locations. Accordingly, all sites are expressly urged to become actively involved socially.

  • Extensive measures to protect human rights and avoid child and forced labor
  • Zero tolerance of discrimination against employees
  • Social outreach projects for disadvantaged groups in our various locations (being good neighbors)
  • An annual Social Award for outstanding achievement within the group

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