Research & Development

R & D enhances the Group’s expertise in the development of new solutions.

At Label Converters we have a very focused approach at Innovation and Research & Development topics. We also work closely with our customers and suppliers to ensure the highest value creation for everyone during the innovation process.


Our Research and Development focuses on creating flexible packaging solutions and labels for our customers that make products more attractive and easier to use, offer optimum product protection and compliance with safety regulations, and offset increasing costs pressures with new solutions. In addition to supporting our divisions and product managers/application engineers as efficient service provider in customer projects, R&D also develops completely new innovations (in-house developments). For this, our raw material experts are in regular contact with external development partners, such as suppliers, technical organizations, institutes and universities for early identification of market trends and relevant technologies.

In our company we have the best employees team operate in the field of R&D and Innovation in a professional environment in our Centers of Competence (CC) and Product Excellence Centers (PEC): 

•    Aluminum raw materials and foils
•    Extrusion coating compounds and processes
•    Lacquers and inks on foils
•    Adhesives on foils
•    Punching and laser scoring
•    UV-Flexo and digital printing
•    Analytics
•    Food and pharma legislation

•    Polymers and films
•    Adhesive lamination
•    Lacquers and inks on plastics
•    Adhesives on plastics
•    Cold seal materials
•    Flexo and gravure printing
•    Analytics
•    Active packaging

•    Application engineering and analytics
•    Blister forming line
•    Simulation of forming process
•    Pharma-specific row materials

•    Pharma-specific raw material
•    Application engineering and analytics


Our Innovation Ambition: We recognize innovation as a key driver for profitable growth and strive to become innovation leader in strategically prioritized market segments by strongly focusing group efforts on the key market and customer needs.

At Label Converters  we focus on innovation along 8 key innovation themes.

  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Interactive Packaging
  • Product Safety
  • Pouches & Bags
  • Easy Open & Reseal
  • Digital Printing
  • High-end Graphics
  • Performance Packaging

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